San Francisco Police Department traffic stop 2017 – visuals

Here are the corresponding visualizations for the python code.

Figure 1: Heatmap to show missing data in the data set.

missing data.png

Figure 2: San Francisco Police Department demographics of race description by sex (gender). Where M indicates Male, F indicates Female, and U is Unidentified. The vast majority of the traffic incidents in 2017 were by white males. Nearly 2 times as much as the next race description category.

SFPD demographic chart.png

Figure 3: This is a count plot with seaborn showing the distribution of race description.

histogram of race.png

Figure 4: This is a count plot with seaborn showing the distribution of sex (gender).

sex histogram.png

Figure 5: This is a histogram of age of individuals who had traffic violations in 2017.


Figure 6: Boxplot with race description and age. The horizontal line in the boxplot indicates the mean.

race and age boxplot.png


Figure 7: This is another way of displaying the race description data.

race histo.png

Figure 8: Hexbin plot of race description and age. The cluster of the darker colors show tighter correlation.

hex age.png

Figure 9: This is a lmplot preformed with Seaborn. Comparing sex, race, and time of day.

lmplot age - race - sex.png





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